myYearbook will soon be MeetMe

Nothing changes but the name!

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Back in 2005, we started myYearbook in our high school as a way to make new friends. Today,
people of all ages use it for the same purpose: we're now the largest service for meeting new
people in the United States, and we're growing fast in many other countries too.

Yet the name "myYearbook" makes most people think of reconnecting with old classmates, not
making new friends. So at long last, we've decided to change the name to something that says
what our service really means, even to people who haven't used it yet.

By June 4, myYearbook will change its name to MeetMe. We know this change may be difficult
to understand, but remember that nothing can change what the site is really about: the people on
it. Whether myYearbook or MeetMe, we'll always be about new friendships,
chatting, and hanging out.

MeetMe was the clear winner over hundreds of other potential names, based on
feedback from many thousands of members. Everything you love about
myYearbook will still be at MeetMe after June 4 -- you may
not even notice a difference!

We're super excited about starting a new chapter in our history,
and we hope you are too! In many ways, we're just getting
warmed up...