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The Best Place to Meet New People!

MeetMe is the best place to meet new people. We have more than 40 million people making friends, playing games, and even falling in love.

And not just some people. MeetMe is for all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds -- everyone!

Dave and I started MeetMe with only one thing in mind -- making meeting new people as fun and easy as possible!

Here's what some of our members are saying about us...

Chastity, 29 "The Best Place to Meet New People." - Chastity, 29
Addison, 16 "I met the love of my life here." - Addison, 16
Mike, 33 "I met my soulmate on MeetMe." - Mike, 33
Joanna, 25 "I met my fiancée on MeetMe!!" - Joanna, 25
April, 30 "I met my best friend here." - April, 30
Josh, 17 "A click away from that special someone!" - Josh, 17
Sarah, 18 "You can actually make a difference here!!" - Sarah, 18
Shizelle, 27 "Save the Rainforest from Your Desk Chair!" - Shizelle, 27
Brooke, 55 "Make friends, have fun, and save the planet!" - Brooke, 55
Sean, 40 "I feel welcome on MeetMe." - Sean, 40
Hannah, 16 "It's the biggest party in the world!" - Hannah, 16
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